Dellamano - JAX - Say My Name - Initial

March 7th 8pm (CT)

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Debut Show!


She Shreds

Rock gets a biting new addition with lead guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter; Jax Hollow.

All-American, unapologetic, with gritty and honest lyrics; Jax is a force to be reckoned with. 

"A Mix of metal and mayhem like lzzy hale, a dash of southern attitude like miranda lambert, sultry singer-songwriter soul, and a total shredder"

- Angela Lese, Owner of A n' R Tune Sync

"everything rock n roll is supposed to be, serious shredding, a great backing band, a catchy hook, and all the attitude you can handle"

- 102.9 Buzz Station Nashville


Debut Album "Underdog Anthems"

March 7th 8pm (CT)


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Get your copy of Jax Hollow's debut album "Underdog Anthems", Produced, Mixed, and Engineered by the legendary Michael Wagener!

The popular album sold out all 50 signed copies within 13 hours on National Underdog Day! 

Dellamano - Jax Hollow - _High Class Bit


Dellamano - Jax Hollow - _High Class Bit

fierce musicianship

Groundbreaking lyricism

Singer-songwriter and shredder, Jax Hollow is a blend of classic rock and blues, like Jimmy Page meets Chris Stapleton meets Pat Benetar, the revival rock album "Underdog Anthems" showcases Jax’s soulful vocals, raw storytelling, and real, authentic musical chops.

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